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A recurring event: Alfa Laval brings all employees together at the beginning of each year to get their heads together with a central theme and activity. Recurring ingredients are looking back and looking forward, commitment and connection, fun, and conviviality. It is up to Fijnevent to transform the theme into all its components.

Creative conceptĀ 

Throughout the day, it is important to have a variety of engaging and enjoyable activities. Prompt communication from management is crucial to strengthen our bond. This is why we always aim to have an interpretation that fosters interaction and collaboration centered around a central theme. It is like a chain reaction where every individual is a link, resulting in an immersive and enriching experience for everyone involved.

Impressive Impact

Alfa Laval employees are always surprised by the professional and creative kick-offs. With the combination of working together on business objectives and the fun factor of getting to know each other better, the expectations of Alfa Laval were met.

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