Ambiance & interior

A brand is more than a name and a logo. It is a feeling that matches everything the brand stands for. By conveying this unique brand feeling in an atmospheric experience, you build a better connection and a stronger brand with every 'encounter' with employees and/or relationships.

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Office design

Communicating a progressive and energetic brand feel from a dull office is not optimal. In addition, working from home is on the rise and the office is increasingly becoming a meeting place for colleagues and partners. We create an inspiring environment that makes coming to the office interesting, valuable, and fun: a true brand experience, every time.

Stand construction &
interior design

Standing out and making a connection is what it is all about at a trade fair or any other place where you meet (potential) customers. That is why our stands and temporary interiors are a total experience, where visitors imagine themselves 'in' the brand. Add a stylish brand activation and the connection is complete.

Experience Centres

Immerse your relations in the world of your brand. Sure, you can do it at a trade show or customer event, but why not create a permanent space for it? We turn spaces into experience centers that breathe your brand. Ideal for welcoming clients, organizing meetings, or recruitment interviews, for example.

VIP areas

Making important partners feel special at an event. A side issue when it goes well, but a main issue when it does not. Setting up a VIP area requires an understanding of perception and an eye for detail. The layout of the room, the reception, the catering, the decoration, the entertainment; everything must be just right. Our experience and collaboration with our hospitality partners guarantees an unforgettable experience.

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