Customer request

Water is a hot topic in many social issues. Consequently, the training institute Wateropleidingen, founded in 1994, has become indispensable. At the basis of its success is founder Agnes Maenhout. As she took her leave as director of the institute after more than 25 years, it naturally had to be done in a fitting way. Appropriate for Wateropleidingen, appropriate for the customers, and above all: appropriate for Agnes!

Creative conceptĀ 

Switching from a live event to a Covid-proof 100% online event was a challenge in the Creative concept, especially considering the social aspect of a farewell. We overcame this by creating a real TV format. Using our studio in Theater de Bussel, we broadcasted a talk show that covered a wide range of topics related to water, featuring participation from various individuals through videos, statements, and live interactions. The show was personalized with contributions from Agnes' colleagues and family, making it memorable and special.

Impressive Impact

We were able to exceed all expectations by responding to the demand in a professional and creative manner. The broadcast, which lasted over an hour, was interesting for the viewers and helped us put Wateropleidingen in the spotlight. Agnes thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience. It was a great format that scored high and demonstrated that in these times of limitations, we focus on what is possible!