Paaspop Tuin der Lusten

Customer request

Paaspop Schijndel is one of the leading festivals in our country. For three days, more than 35,000 visitors enjoy the best performances in a unique atmosphere. The organization of Paaspop wanted to add something new to the festival: a five-star à la carte restaurant, where you can enjoy culinary delights and excellent service in between performances.

Creative concept 

Our creative wheels immediately started turning and there was the name for this special restaurant: Garden of Delights! A feast for the eyes and a nod to the Brabant song "Wa luste gij gère?” In co-production with caterer TasteMore, we transformed the most beautiful spot on the site into a stylish restaurant with 150 seats. A luxurious restaurant experience thanks to the attention to detail in atmosphere, decoration, and menu, amidst the festival vibes.

Impressive Impact

The organization of Paaspop was extremely satisfied with the cooperation and the result: "A great achievement how our wishes and ideas were transformed into this concept, which was thought about and implemented down to the last detail. Garden of Delights is an enrichment of our festival. An ideal meet & greet location for our partners and sponsors, and a lovely resting point for visitors. “An already unmissable addition!