Customer request

Sourcy asked us to come up with a concept for sharing their mission and vision with visitors to the girlfriends' festival Share a Perfect Day. The aim was to increase Sourcy's brand awareness, in addition to the TV and radio commercials.

Creative conceptĀ 

To have a successful brand activation at a fair or festival, it is important to involve the visitor and create an experience that positively stimulates and conveys the brand's message. For Sourcy, we combined the transparency of water and Dutch pride in a festival setting, featuring a silent disco on a red, white, and blue dance floor.

Impressive Impact

That this brand activation was a win-win was evident from the many interactions with visitors and the considerable time people spent at the Sourcy pavilion. 'We were able to reach our target group perfectly and draw attention to what Sourcy stands for,' said Sourcy. 'Of course, we love to hear that!