100 years

Customer request

Good home care is not possible without good and enthusiastic employees. Home care organisation Thebe therefore thought the 100th anniversary was a good reason to put its employees in the spotlight. They asked Fijnevent to organize a party for their 2,000 employees that would show their appreciation.

Creative concept 

We came up with the theme 'This carpet is for you', and we actually rolled it out! All 2,000 colleagues made their entrance across the purple carpet, where they were welcomed with a big applause from management and leadership. There were medals, words of appreciation, DJs, and a great party. But what made the biggest impression was the video with clients telling what the home care staff mean to them. Straight from the heart, straight to the heart!

Impressive Impact

Beaming faces and gratitude in the short term. A strengthened 'we' feeling and more commitment to Thebe as a company in the long term.