Customer request

50 years of Riwal, a highlight to celebrate and share with all the top relations with a symposium and a party. The venue was known, it had to be Rotterdam.

Creative concept 

In the afternoon, we arranged a Riwal theatre at the Van Nelle Ontwerpfabriek, using their own Riwal material to create a unique and artistic experience. Later in the evening, a perfectly organized gala party was held at the Hulstkamp building, featuring an impressive program.

Impressive Impact

The afternoon meeting, literally surrounded by Riwal, had an unprecedented wow factor. At Riwal itself, but even more so with the relations. You never forget something like that. In the evening, there was a magical moment when everyone felt a connection with each other during the performance of Shirma Rouse. Riwal: 'A grand party which brought what we had hoped for beforehand.'