FrieslandCampina Lattiz

Customer request

Lattiz, a new device for better milk foam, Friesland Campina wanted to promote it at the Horecava (catering trade show). The aim: to show the higher segment of hospitality entrepreneurs that Lattiz is effective and efficient. The request to us: a stand and experience that suits Friesland Campina, with an open character, but still exclusive.

Creative conceptĀ 

Together with TasteMore, we created a stand with a Dutch character, with the special feature that you could actually 'get in'. The use of lots of white and a 'sketch' style made it contemporary, fresh, and striking. From the outside a big attention-getter and recognizable as Friesland Campina, while inside special guests got the scoop with presentations of the new appliances.

Impressive Impact

The unique design and shape of our stand proved to be a huge success. Not only did we receive positive feedback and attract many visitors, but we also made substantial sales. This concept is definitely worth replicating at other events and meetings. We are confident that it will work!